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We met at a CBD hotel, and I met her in the lobby. She was not difficult to spot, as her photos were true to the real girl. No retouching, photoshopping someone else's head, just Taylor. She is stunning in my eyes, and she was wearing an attractive dress, not too short, but short enough to show her well toned legs.
She must work out for that figure.

A quick kiss on the lips to say hello without drawing too many glances, we could easily have been attending a business lunch. Well, there was some eating going on, but more of that later!

I lead her to the room i had booked, whereupon a bottle of champagne had been iced. I handed her a glass of bubbles, we sipped, talked a little, then kissed with a delightful deep french kiss, just right for me, not too full on as yet, but an indication of the passion that was to come.

My hands explored her delicious curves, from her wholesome breasts to her sublime butt. My hands pulled up her skirt to reveal black stockings and a purple g string.
Seconds later, clothes had been discarded, strewn about the room, and she then pushed me back to the bed for a natural blow job. Gotta say, with her hair framing her green eyes, looking at me throughout the session, I could have easily spent myself there and then. I closed my eyes in excitation, only to be commanded to look at her as she drew my manhood deep into her mouth. I pulled her up to me and kissed her deep and tipped her over on to her back. I travelled down her body, kissing as much of her as I could. I stopped at her already mentioned wholesome breasts. I took a nipple to my mouth, which drew a deep sigh from her, as it bloomed immediately in my mouth. The other soon followed suite, and her encouragement saw me lingering a while there. I sucked her belly button, which was erotically pierced.
Moving down to her mound, shaven and stubble free, I kissed her lips, a slight moisture and a delicious fragrance greeted me, and more tongue action ensured this area became pretty wet, pretty quickly. There was much pushing of head to pussy, plenty of encouragement and tips that I was on the right track, and soon after Taylor came over my mouth. Delicious, just what I wanted.
My cock however was desirous of some attention, and without fuss, Taylor was drawing me into her wet and eager pussy. Missionary was fine for me in the first instance, getting my stride and rhythm going, but Taylor had other ideas, and jumped on top of me for a ride on the bucking bulls! I loved every minute of it. Her nipples were still hard, and her hair was flowing, she really is a sight to behold!

We rotated between cowgirl and missionary until such time as it was impossible for me to hold back, and with me on top in missionary, exploded with quite some energy.
We were both sweating and so had more champagne. We talked some more, and here, Taylor proves herself to be a delightful companion. She is knowledgable, current, witty, attentive and charming. In short a delight. We finished off the glass of bubbles, and Taylor went south again, coaxing my cock to another stand. She sucked long and hard, cleaning my cock with her tongue, again, looking at me with a knowing and cheeky smile to those green eyes. I was in heaven.

Time however was against me, and I had to attend to work, and so after more eager sucking on Taylor's behalf, I made for the shower. Still standing proud though, Taylor joined me in the shower, finishing what she started! What a girl.

We cleaned ourselves in the shower, both jostling over the mirror and hair dryer, yep......i'm a tart! we both left together.

We did however finish the champagne, and I made Taylor keep the glasses I had bought with the bottle. She was delighted at that, and I was pleased she found such a small token pleasing.

She is a sweet and genuine lady.

So Taylor, if you read this, thank you very much for the time we spent.

To all others reading this, Taylor is a delightful companion, extremely sexy, and easy to be with.
I would whole heartedly recommend her.