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The race started slowly as if on a slow or dead track when the odd problem or three appeared for the lift for the 15th floor for Tayls boudoir . The race Marshal (reception) was giving me the evil eye . I had no less than three false starts with lift button which wasn't going to work without a card. Disqualification appeared imminent , after what seemed like about an hour & a half , Black Caviar AKA tayls appeared from the lift , by this time the whole racing field has assembled and the journey to the 15th floor was slow & steady if not different. Infact the lift stopped at the fourth floor and in hopped a young filly draped only in a towel , this is a good start lol.

Finally in Tayls room with a lovely large Spa and candle lights , the blonde bombshell was dressed in a lovely black dress which highlighted her beautiful curves & form. We shared a drink or two and considerable chat on the couch and even ordered a pizza . We eventually moved closer on the couch , I think Tayls was wondering if I was ever going to get close , but ofcourse she does love to be in control and that made for a very interesting evening to say the least , as I have been known to well take control myself. Moved into spa area , clothes were off and did I mention Tayls put more soap suds in than a washing cycle gone wrong lol......made for some fun . Now to be honest Tayls has one of the best bodies I have ever seen with absolutely great boobs , and we stayed in the spa for what seemed like eternity until the wee hours of the morning frolicking , cavorting , kissing (Tayls is a great kisser) , petting , you get the picture....was pretty damn good......
We eventually made it to the bed and Tayls attempted to well mount me , as if I was in the mounting yard , but this jockey was up for the challenge and we continued to grapple & sexually torment each other and provide all sorts of sexual satisfaction in the usual positions and oral fixations. At one point Tayls had me in handcuffs as she did manage to ride me to the start/finish line.......We even managed to smash a couple of glasses with our exotic movements. Well to be honest it was Tayls , infact at one point I thought we were burning up , but one of the candles had been knocked over by Tayls nearly starting some real flames. I said Tayls , REALLY , HAVE A LOOK AT YOU !

My overnight race meet went all too quickly , but provided many highlights & orgasmic delights with this sexual dynamo and sensual filly.
Tayls after this meeting of the minds , has gone straight to my top 5 rendezvous , she really loves her work and she's Really Really good at it.
Would I recommend , without hesitation and you too can be Really Really in heaven .
Tayls if you read this , Oh Really , have a look at You !

Till we Meet again , Go Phar Lap er I mean Black Caviar