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So, I broach his topic with Taylor. No good. She was heading overseas in October/November. Go to her profile on PP, and read her blog, very entertaining, along the theme of "the longest punt". Anyway, I digress. So, I had to let it go and try and see what happens upon her return.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally, 3rd week of November rolls around and I send her a text on the day she's meant to be back in the country. No response. Hmm, quite unlike her rather prompt responses prior to her trip. Then it dawned on me - Taylor's been gone a whole month, she's probably got hundreds of text messages in backlog and her phone's gone into meltdown. I let it go. Anyway, I catch her late one night in late-November in the PP chat room. Quick! Private chat. We talk about possibilities and it turns out that she's decided not to go to Perth after Adelaide, and would be back in Sydney mid-December. Good to go! The date was a little fluid but after almost 2 weeks of juggling schedules, we set a date. Beauty!

With a week to go, I get really excited. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. 2 days out, and I'm literally scraping the plastering off walls. The day arrives and I head up to Sydney. I head straight for Taylor's place and I'm greeted at the door by this real-life Barbie Doll in an electric blue dress. I'd picked up a bottle of Veuve (Taylor's favourite) along the way and we sat down to drink it. Taylor laments about the lack of entertainment on the TV, and I'm secretly thankful that she's bored. That means I'm her entertainment for the afternoon. We had agreed to 2 hours of fun, so I was in no hurry just yet. We enjoyed the bubbly and chatted about all sorts of things and the rapport was definitely building. Then Taylor kicked off her shoes, leant in and started lightly kissing me. We enjoyed a few moments of light kissing, fondling each other, then WHAM! Taylor lands a nice huge DFK one on me. Not one to deny a woman her dues, I obviously respond in kind.

One thing leads to another and pretty soon, we're in the bedroom. Taylor takes her dress off and I recognise the undergarments immediately - the same one she wears on her intro page on her website. And those humungous tits - OMFG, how beautiful were they! She snaps her bra off to let the puppies out and I just can't get enough of them. Taylor then proceeds to work herself down to my legs and notices that my boots are still on. Taking the hint, I discard the boots, the socks, the jeans, the t-shirt, and Taylor helps me discard the jocks and in the same motion, the little general is inspecting her tonsils. I am instructed to lie on the bed and I always do as I'm told when the little general is in a lady's mouth. I've seen The World According to Garp, and I don't really want to empathise with Mr Bobbitt either.


The oral stimulation being spectacular, it's pretty obvious that my rock hard state was in plug-and-play mode. So, cowgirl followed. Taylor is extremely adept at using her inner muscles to excite the little general. I even commented about the fact that she had been a good girl and had been keeping up with her pelvic floor exercises. We explored several speeds, interspersed with several bouts of DFK, and also my massaging her very ample breasts. I suspect that several mini-orgasms may have taken place as the different paces that Taylor had were symptomatic of someone getting close and then over the line and having to slow down, then building up, getting close, over the line and slowing down again. Probably the 3rd of 4th one of these pushed me over the edge and round 1 was bagged and tagged.

As we lay there in the afterglow, we just enjoyed the warmth and feel of each other's body. Somewhere during that time, Taylor posed the question of whether I needed 10 minutes or if I was ready to go again in 5. As she reached down to wake the little general up, I stopped her and said it was my turn to have some fun. So, with some oral attention to her very impressive tits, I worked my way down to her beautifully presented womanhood, and began to dine. Taylor must have been quite sensitive because it wasn't long before both her physical movements and her vocal cues suggested that Mt Alexander was about to erupt. A little more tongue here, a little more suction there and BOOM! THAR SHE BLOWS!!! When she'd finally had enough and pulled me up to her, I asked what was wrong and she said I was like a heat-seeking missile and went straight for the target. Well, hopefully that was a compliment, and I took it as such.

I was then wrestled back onto my back as another round of cowgirl action commenced. This time, because of the DATY action that had just been completed, there was no doubting some "aftershocks" took place. I can't recall how long we remained in coitus, but Taylor's back was soaking wet from our activity, so obviously the personal training session I was dishing out to her was working as it definitely had increased her aerobic and cardio-vascular rates. She hopped off and proceeded to manhandle the little general, and it wasn't long before round 2 found its way out, all over her hand and my groin. We proceeded to mop up the mess and I was offered the opportunity of a shower, which I gladly accepted.

After getting dressed and giving Taylor a kiss goodbye, I glanced up at the wall clock and noticed that we'd spent a touch over 3 hours, proving how generous Taylor was with her time. At this point, it was still bright sunshine despite late afternoon/early evening. And it occurred to me that afternoon liaisons do have their place too.