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To all punters out there i had the pleasure finally to meet the lovely Taylor Alexander i had my eye on Taylor for quite a while and hoping she would come to Melb. I was pleasantly surprised to see on PG she was going to be in Melb. 27th till 30th Dec. i was so excited i tried to book Taylor as soon as possible but it was not to be had to wait an agonising 2 extra days. Finally Sunday came and Taylor arrived at my hotel right on time. on opening the door and seeing this gorgeous lady i had to pinch myself to see if was not dreaming .

I was so nervous i had read so much about Taylor , so sat down and had a drink and quickly found out Taylor is down to earth and lovely to talk to . She made me feel at ease. I was hoping Taylor would take charge and she did .got up and gave me one of the best ( no the best )DFK i ever had . Having this pocket dynamo in my arms what a feeling she slowly undid her beautiful bra to reveal such lovely breasts i just wanted to stand there all day sucking on those magnificent breast .

I wont go into blow by blow description of our time together just suffice to say what Taylor can do with her body & her mouth you'll need to find out by yourselves . Taylor was exceptional,now i know why she is 1 or 2 in the industry . So all you punters out there you know how hard it is to pick a winner but with Taylor youll pick the (Quadrella ) like i did LOL . I will never forget my 2 hrs with Taylor and am looking forward to our next meet.

Thank you Taylor it was wonderful to meet you . And a lovely finish for me punting for 2013 xx Joe