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After quite a long punting drought, I decided to try someone who has been on my bucket list for a very long time, the lovely Taylor Alexander. I had chatted to her on many occasions on PP Chat over the last couple of years but had never had the opportunity to meet her. I just happened to be on chat recently and I asked if Taylor would be coming up to Queensland any time soon. She responded that she was coming up to the Brisbane drinks night. I was most excited, but for a number of reasons I was unable to attend drinks night so I arranged to meet Taylor the evening before for two hours of passion.

As the day approached, I was working extremely hard at work but still looking forward to my night with Taylor. We had several PP Chat conversations and PP messenger correspondence in the lead up. I got to Brisbane right on time and went to her hotel in the city. She SMSed me the room number and I was met at the door by a very sexy lady in a short black dress. I had asked for a specific outfit from one of her photos but she had got confused as to which one. No matter though, as she looked gorgeous never the less. I sorted out the finances and we sat down for a glass of wine and a chat. As the wine took effect we began making out on the couch and I began to explore Taylor's body. My hands were drawn to her generous breasts and then moved to her sexy ass and hips. She slid off her dress revealing lovely matching black bra and skimpy panties. As I explored her many curves my hand happened to find a pleasant surprise Taylor had secreted away that she knew I would enjoy...but more on that later.

I was already clean but I wanted to be perfect for her so I slipped into the shower to freshen up and I returned fully naked with my hard cock throbbing. After the necessary Queensland legalities were applied, Taylor got to work on my throbbing cock and took it fully in her mouth and down her throat. Once he was slippery, Taylor performed her trademark Spanish between those beautiful full breasts and alternated with licking and sucking. I was gently running my fingers through her hair and really enjoying all the sensations. She dragged her fingernails over my ball sack, creating the most lovely sensations and as I became more swollen and engorged, Taylor took me deep in her mouth and I exploded. She drained every drop out of my pulsing cock until I was totally spent.

We spent the next half hour or so chatting about overseas travel and experiences until I was hard again and ready to explore Taylor's many other pleasures. I was very keen to return the favor following her great oral and I slid down her body kissing every inch. Her spectacular breasts received the anticipated attention and then I kissed my way over her sexy stomach and dived into her dripping smooth pussy. I set to work licking and sucking her sweet clitoris and pussy lips as she moaned with pleasure. She commented I had been well taught by someone and I used all my skills to pleasure Taylor fully, culminating in a small but vocal orgasm. Taylor applied her condom and then she climbed onto me and started riding me. My cock just sliding in and out of her soaked pussy. I couldn't help but comment on how tight Taylor was, my cock is quite thick and God it felt snug in her wet pussy. We continued this lovely activity for some time but Taylor knew how badly I wanted to fuck her ass and this is where her little surprise came in.

Ever since we met at the door she had a cute little glass butt plug secretly tucked up her sweet ass. Even though I had found it early on, I was saving it for now to start massaging it and sliding it in and out of her. Taylor got on her hands and knees, I withdrew the sexy little glass plug and replaced it with my hard throbbing cock. I grasped her hot curvy hips and gently slid my fat cock deep up her tight pouting ass. Tay pushed back onto me and talked dirty as I drilled her. We fucked like wild animals until finally my balls began to swell and I could feel it was nearly time. Taylor wanted me to pull out and cum over her back but I just buried myself balls deep in her sweet ass and filled that condom with hot cum.

We lay there on the bed, both quite exhausted, and chatted some more about life, punting and general light hearted stuff. Finally, I looked at the time and we had been chatting well over time so I had another shower to clean up, kissed Taylor again fondly and returned to my normal life.

It was a fantastic evening, I had gone in there quite tired after a long drive back to Brisbane and a big week at work, but Taylor put me at ease and gave me a great time. She is a terrific chick and I think would be even better once you got to know her over time and see her again.