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My very first booking through PP and what a way to start! Taylor responded to my classified ad looking for girls who take facials (it's my obsession right now), couple of PP emails later and I'm at her Sydney CBD incall venue (extra $75 for the flat but nicer than a hotel you'd pay double that for, and no walk of shame through the lobby).

First thing that struck me about Taylor (apart from the fantastic cleavage which I tried really hard not to focus on for fear of falling in and drowning) was how down to earth and chatty she was. few mins of conversation really helped break the ice and set a relaxed mood. quick shower and i emerge to the breathtaking sight of this statuesque blonde goddess waiting for me in the bedroom wearing only bra, g-string and 6-inch heels. light kiss but i think she could tell kissing's not my thing so moved straight on to bbbj. over to the bed for more bbbj action and i suggested using a toy on her. into 69 position i worked the toy on her as she worked her magic on me, think at one stage she gave me an oily tit-wank while licking my balls, whatever it was it felt superb. had to get her to stop as i was ready to blow but wanted to do so on her face, but also wasn't finished with the toy as she seemed to be enjoying that. when she had had her fill she informed me it was time for her to focus on me so i got up to finish off over her face while she knelt in front of me. that's a fantasy come true right there. and to heighten the sensation i cupped a handful of one magnificent FF breast in my spare hand - because i could!

ordinarily this would have called for a good 20-30 min recovery break but Ms Alexander was not letting me off that easily - no idea how but she managed to tread that fine line between too much and too little stimulation and suddenly i was ready for round 2. this is no attempt to boast on my behalf it is all down to her superior skills - from memory the last time i was able to go back-to-back was 1998! back onto the bed where she climbed on top for some cowgirl followed by reverse cowgirl, then she had the idea of putting a vibrating cock ring on me and i was game - another first! it worked quite well, didn't have much effect on me (which is good as i didn't want to finish too early) but improved her enjoyment which I enjoyed seeing as well. when that wasn't going to get me over the line she oiled up those spectacular boobs again and finished me off with a combination of breast, hand and mouth.

one thing i haven't mentioned is Taylor's wicked sense of humour, she had me in stitches all the time, with lines like "do you like blowjobs" or "do you want me to stop" when she had my cock in her mouth, "do i look like santa claus" when she had my cum over her face or "do i have a beard" when my final tit-wank shot had hit her chin. what can be better than PSE with a girl who is happy and enjoying it at the same time? the perfect combination of GFE and PSE.