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Oh what a shame, I missed the mysterious Taylor's Adelaide visit again. What will I do?

I'll barrage her with emails and force her to visit Adelaide. I am kidding. Taylor announced on PP she is visiting sunny Adelaide for the drinks night. I immediately sent her a message for a late night booking.

Taylor responded promptly to my message. Arrangements made and a two hour booking set.

I finished work and make my way to her apartment. It was located in the Adelaide CBD.

Before I continue I need to highlight my one rule. I don't like to make a booking on a work day. I find my mind wandering during the booking and not focused on the pleasurable task at hand. However, Taylor was in town for one night only, so I decided to forgo my rule.

She greeted me at the door with a hug and kiss on the cheek. We made our way to the lounge room area and chatted about travelling and flight stuff.

I jumped on the shower. Taylor told me were the towel was and I dried myself off. Brushed teeth and gargled mouth wash. I was good to go.

I casually strolled out of the bathroom and stopped. Why did I stop? I had a cramp in my leg. The cramp was caused by a hot blonde goddess standing by the bedroom door. She erotically motioned me to the door with her finger :)

I stupidly put my shirt back on after the shower and I was carrying all of my clothes. What would you do? I threw everything I was carrying onto the ground and jokingly kicked my clothes to the side.

As a good servant, I walked towards Taylor. She was wearing sexy pink and black lingerie that accentuated her luscious DD puppies.

We lightly made out, and Taylor ripped off my towel I was wearing. To say, ‘I was excited,’ was an understatement. She proceeded to massage my fella with her mouth. All the punters understand what I am saying ;)

We made our way to the bedroom. The oral assault continued. We switched to 69 and pleasured each other.

We proceeded to cowgirl with a bit of missionary. Taylor reaches into the draw and pulls out two surprises. Black bondage tape and a u shaped toy.

She asks if it is okay to tie me up. I apprehensively said yes. She said if it was problem to let her know. I said no worries and she tied my hands together and taped my eyes. Wow. She was right. My sense deprivation allowed me to focus on waves of pleasure.

What follows is her teasing my body with her mouth and the vibrating toy. She cautiously kisses my nipples and other sensitive areas; then places the toy around my penis. She jumps on top in cowgirl and slowly grinds away. The toy is rubbing on me and her. Each thrust was multiple gateways to heaven. Eventually I remove the bondage cuffs and blindfold. We continue in multiple positions. Taylor started using the toy on my balls and proceeds to give me an easy going blow/hand job. Without any sort of warning I release. Wow. What a session.

Throughout the session Taylor said the most erotic things I have ever heard. There were times she commented about me thinking about her all day and not my work, and I need to be punished. This was true, but I was also thinking about work I am yet to complete. I always find it hard to punt straight after work. I would have been an idiot not to make a booking.

Taylor was courteous and professional throughout the booking. If she makes it back to Adelaide I will make another booking on a non-work day.


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