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This is only the second time I've ever seen Taylor but it feels like you're catching up with an old mate and you've got all the time in he world to just stuff around and crap on about everything and nothing. For shits and giggles as Taylor says.

And suddenly an hour has passed, we're giggling like school kids and Tay is asking if I've put something in her coke. If I have, then it's somehow also in my lemonade!

Still, laughing is making it hard to kiss, but then somehow I'm naked and she's putting her mouth to another one of it's other great uses with the first of many bbbjs.

Then off to the bedroom and time for Taylor to start shedding her clothes, more bj, spanish, spanish and more spanish (hell yeah!) (PS. This is where I got the new nickname of the boob-massager... well... part of me got a new nickname :) ).

Then some cowgirl, variations of mish, more spanish and oral, then some lengthy doggy where Taylor's mouth once again featured with some of the hottest dirty talk that I think I've ever experienced. [And I'll hold you to some of that next time too, babe (I'm not sure how some of it would be physically possible; but I'm sure we'll work something out)]

Then it's time for the finish, so some more spanish and oral, but I'm drenched in sweat (literally dripping off me) and I'm starting to cramp, but Tay refuses to take no for an answer. Finally finished with a helping hand, painting Taylor's twins. "It's like a cum picasso" she joked.... "a cum-casso"... and the laughter starts up again.

Tried to clean herself up, but gravity has other ideas so she jumps in the shower. Be careful walking around the bathroom she jokes... don't want you to slip and fall and break something.
I'll just tell them that I slipped in the bathroom... and DON'T ask any more questions!

Snuck a look at the time and realise we've gone nearly an hour over. Final goodbyes and it's time to collapse on the couch and it's time for some dinner and work our how I'm going to write a review.

As much as we all exalt Taylor's twins (and they ARE fantastic), acclamation also needs to go to Taylor's mouth, and the joy it can bring (in more ways that one :) )