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Was in Sydney again and my "date" for the evening had fallen through. so was while sitting in my hotel, looking at the PP site wondering who to contact...
Saw Taylor on line (who had already popped up on my radar of possibilities) and thought why not - let's see if she's available at the last minute. (I have to say that I was expecting someone with Taylor's good reputation not to be available, but you never know...)
Unfortunately the chat room doesn't respond well to private messages on an iPad... Every time I posted a private message it crashed and I had to reconnect.
which was fine until the chat room got full
Quickly moved the conversation to email and lucky for me Taylor was available the following night. The organisation completed and so it was time for sleep...
All through the next day was finding it hard to concentrate at work.... a couple of text messages confirmed all was on schedule for the evening...
So found myself standing at the window of my hotel room looking down at the cars as they drove up to the parking at the hotel. Was looking down at someone in their car wondering if that was Taylor, when there was a knock at the door. Well, that answers that question. (isn't it funny what sticks in your mind?)

Lots of small talk about random things saw me especially relaxed, Taylor really makes it easy to get comfortable in her presence.
What followed was a blur of lots of BBBJ, spanish, doggy, other random positions with a mind shattering CIM finish.

We then lay there together and chatted about the world. Life, travel, the industry, people, clubbing, Sydney and many other topics. Went way over time, but it flowed so naturally that time wasn't a factor.

So I discovered... an evening with Taylor isn't just about sex. It's a combination of both the physical and mental. Don't get me wrong; the sex is fantastic, but the addition of the other elements took a really good experience and turned it into something great.

... or i could just be getting old and philosophical...? who cares - it was a great night.!

Thanks Taylor.


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