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Let me start this review with the end :P Taylor Alexander is simply an amazingly sweet, gorgeous, sexual muse. Now, back to the beginning. Met Taylor on the PP chatroom and having read one too many of her amazing reviews I simply had to book her. After an initial booking had to be unfortunately cancelled due to a schedule change on my part, we ultimately set a time very late one evening after my schedule clashes were over. Thanks Taylor, a deeply appreciated effort on her part to come see me so late on a night where finding parking was a bloody nightmare.

So, here I am, sitting in the lobby of my hotel waiting for Taylor to make the trek from her parking spot and already the anticipation was building. Out of the corner of my eye I notice this hot blond in a tight black dress pass the hotel window. Yup, Taylor was finally here. I got up to meet her and wow .. cute as a button, silky blonde hair, sexy, athletic body with a pair of the nicest, toned legs you will see. Oh yeah, she does have a trademark, those amazing G cup twins of hers, teasing smackaliciously under her dress. It would be so easy to be absolutely transfixed by her breasts given their infamy but from the get go there was so much more to admire about her, the G twins became a nice accompaniment to a greater symphony.

We greet with a kiss and laugh about her trouble finding parking and head up to the room. Once in the room we relaxed a bit, shared some champagne and chatted for a while. Taylor, ever the cheeky one states the wonderful obvious, that we both have waay too much clothes on and yup, that was the start of an incredible session of debauchery. Off came the clothing, that tight hot body finally revealed. She is so absolutely gorgeous. I love shorter women and once those killer heels were off she settled at a sexy, perfect height. One happy moment (of many) was the unveiling of those magnificent breasts of hers, but even better was gently suckling her hard little nipples and hearing her respond appreciatively to my attention.

In the back of my mind was everything I had read about her and well ... the reviews all paled in comparison to the reality of that night. Taylor is an amazing bundle of sexual energy, cheeky, sexy, just as dirty as she needs to be. A perfect GFE/PSE blend. She started off her magic with a toe-curling blow job, which was so good I had to sit down on the bed!! All the better to watch those impish green eyes staring back at me as she suckled, licked and swallowed my cock. it was mesmerising watching those green eyes moves up and down as my cock disappeared repeatedly down her throat. Oh the visuals. We moved into some delicious 69 and were driving each other crazy as I tasted her sweetness and she continued her assault on my cock. Taylor has a few tricks up her sleeve .. or should I say in that bag of hers and it was short order before I felt a heavenly vibration pulsing along my cock. She skillfully fitted a vibrator, a perfect device to keep me rock hard as she rummaged through her utility purse for a suitable condom to fit McJohnson. Condom found and fitted, the vibe was removed and she got on top and we kissed playfully as I suckled those massive melons of hers. All that teasing had my cock as hard as a rock and Taylor wanted to slip onto my engorged member without using her hands. With a huge grin, a downward arch of her back, teasingly thrusting her tight little ass in the air and coupled with the tiniest bit of adjustment on my part, I slid into her tight, warm, wet pussy. We fucked in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before she gave me the most amazing handjob and cock massage. Her hands were just amazing and she literally milked a huge orgasm out of me.

The rest of the night was wonderful, interspersing some chat, with some teasing and more mind blowing sex. After completely dominating my cock for an extended period, Taylor got on top and rode me silly. As I felt my orgasm building I grabbed her tight, firm ass and pounded into her, cumming deep inside her warm pussy. After that ridiculously intense orgasm she continued to gently ride my cock slowly, rotating her hips rhythmically, sending waves of post-coital sensations up and down my spine, an absolutely amazing feeling.

Taylor is indeed magical and a tremendous sexual partner.

Reviews tell a tale but its important to live the story yourself. My time with her was amazing and extremely sensual. Hope we meet again in the not too distant future.