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She is an amazing lady to be with and really brings you into it both mentally and physically. A lot of dirty talk and she has amazing stamina. She's very much into making your time with her all about you and gives you nothing less than her all when with you.

Every subsequent time we went at it, it got all the more intense [regardless of how dehydrated we both got], and Taylor shows her multiple personas ranging from a porn experience, to a Passionate Girlfriend to the tender and quieter moments which was great to experience.

The reason I'm not going into as much detail as I usually would is that spending time with Taylor was more encompassing than great sex. To sum up my time, it wouldn't be limited to a great blowjob, how many times I came or the kinkiness in the sex. It'd be more that I had a damn fun time... probably the most fun I've had with a lady.

With all things, it all comes down to whether or not you click with the lady. There are alot of ladies out there that you may or may not get along with, and I was very fortunate that I found a lady who could share an amazing time with and laughing my ass off doing it.