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Arrived at Taylor’s apartment to be greeted by a lovely blonde bombshell with an awesome pair of girls that looked as if they just could not wait to be released to come out and play. We sat together on the lounge with a drink and chat before Taylor repositioned herself by sitting on my lap for some great DFK. Much canoodling followed with nose rubbing and tongue licking as Taylor soon found my weak spot as the combination of her warm breath and tongue slowly massaging my ear, just sent me to heaven and back.

Taylor slowly began to undress me as she said it was time to move to the bedroom.More DFK ensued as we both removed the remainder of our clothing and she released her gorgeous set of girls out for play. She soon began some great teasing tea bagging and tongue tickling action with her combination HJ/BJ. More great sensations followed, with me performing a little Spanish massage on her lovely girls. Taylor then started to grind against me with an awesome marathon outer course session which got me rock hard. With me now fully primed, she continued with her grinding and positioned herself in just the right spot for my pussy seeking missile to enter into her. This felt oh so sweet as we both communicated in synchronicity with a wonderful sigh of surprised contentment.  Much cowgirl action followed with some great variation of deep thrusting, pussy clenching, and my absolute favorite as she slowly rides her pussy on the end of my rock hard missile! We both got rather animated and went for it big time finishing off together in a quivering heap. Much heavy breathing followed as we lay locked together in our afterglow. As Taylor dismounted she commented that we were lucky still to have the condom in place after that little work out.

Time for a short drink and some more DFK before I asked for some 69, but Taylor gave me a knockback and said to be patient and to wait. I reluctantly agreed and rolled over as she began a sensual massage and body slide session on me. She then produced a little toy and proceeded to give me a great vibrating massage all the way from my butt crack to the top of my spine. Much licking, more kissing and more blowing in my ear, whileTaylor’s pussy and girls massaged by back, was just fantastic. Of course I had another rager by now and rolled over, but I started to get a bit worried as Taylor produced some bondage tape to tie up my hands and then continued with another great BJ. Topped things off with my long awaited 69 as I buried my nose and tongue deep into her sweet moist pussy.

We cleaned up and returned to the lounge both draped in towels for a refreshing drink and chat. It was not long before both of our hands went a wandering under each other’s towels. Taylor soon had my complete attention once more and as I kept my self busy massaging her moistened pussy, she continued with a marathon combination HJ/BJ to get me over the line once again. 

Taylor provided me with an awesome experience; she really enjoys what she does, is very down to earth, is a great communicator as well as making me a very happy man.

I would definitely see her again.