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Opening the door, I was invited by a blue-eyed blonde curvy tanned bombshell in a body hugging black corporate dress, I was a bit loss for words. Taylor was beautiful, not gorgeous but just nice with good facial features and curves at the right places. A quick kiss on the cheek and I was led to the couch. We had a good and relaxing chat, I was trying to gauge her but she can carry on a conversation....she's very intellectual, open and direct, which I loved! She made me feel relaxed and there was some kino going here and there...we edged closer as we chatted, my arm wrapped around her waist. And ice-breaking moment with a deep kiss....and man can Taylor kiss...

It's more than DFK...kissing was very passionate. And with kissing, hands start to explore every part of her body....and I pull her close to me and the kissing got even more passionate and wet. At this point, on the couch, she climbed and straddled onto me. We were kissing and undressing at the same time. This is the position where I lifted her short black skirt and grabbed her beautiful behind hard and squeezed. At that point I was exposed....asides from my work pants and she was in her red bra and panties (you can see it in her gallery). 

With much kissing and fondling, she suggested lets move to somewhere more comfortable and "accessable".....and she held my hand and "pulled" me towards the bed. I turned her and pulled her back into a tight embrace and starting kissing her passionately again. Taylor was not tall (and she knows it haha) but she was the PERFECT height for me (I'm only 170cm). While kissing and making sure every tiny square centimetre of her body was explored, I noticed a prepared spa bath with candles lit beside the bedroom, I was apprehensive as I was thinking what can we do in a spa bath?!

And so after much kissing (yes there was a lot of kissing and a lot more to come), she pushed me with me lying on my back on the bed. She was sitting on top on me, it felt really passionate. All the while with me kissing her lips, sucking her tongue, licking her earlobes and licking her neck, she was moaning ever so gently and seemed like she was enjoying it was much as I did. With every wet kiss, every lick, we inhaled and exhaled on each other.......and then finally the jocks came off! She slid her body up and down on top of me, licking and kissing my torso. I pulled her towards me and with some help (I need more practice with undoing bras....I could have done it easily with a scalpel lol ) the bra came off and it was magnificent sight! 

I thought that I would not have liked enhanced breast but then these fitted her perfectly! I was furiously licking and playing with her soft breasts....and she slowly moved down and teased with licking around the thigh area, before moving to a great BBBJ. She was sensual, slow, good with her tongue. After a good few minutes of heaven, I told her it was her turn.....and flipped her onto her back and took her panties off. Started kissing from her neck and played with her breasts and nipples....all the time she was turning her head away, eyes closed in enjoyment while moaning with pleasure.....the kissing went south to her torso, abdomen and stuck my face to her pussy with licking her already warm and hard clit with slow fingering. She was already wet down there! At this point, she told me, with a slightly raised voice, I can't take this anymore, I want you to FUCK me!! Turns me around, puts on a condom and rides me! 

Rhythmic gyrating of her hips synchonized with thrusts of my hips....I was in heaven again....I held her hips and increased the rate and velocity of my thrusts.....Taylor was moaning in pleasure, one arm holding my shoulder for support, the other holding her hair up..

And so with reluctance, I left but after somemore kissing hahaha I was supposed to be only 2 hours but I realized I went way overtime, Taylor was really cool about it......I walked out of the apartment, with a snack in my hand, feeling on top of the world, invincible and like a man (more so than normal)


The phrases that I could think of to summarize this lengthy encounter:

Taylor raped me


Taylor fucked my brains out

It was an awe-inspiring, sweat-inducing, dirty, warm, sensual, moist and wet dream