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After a hectic few weeks with work I decided to pay a visit to my special friend Ms Alexander. I sent a brief message " Can i book you for 6hrs" knowing I had a 10am flight back on Sunday. The message came back " sure babe, glad to see you again"

The evening began innocently, a relaxed dinner at Nicks in Darling Harbour a nice bottle of champaine which was the catalyst for what I can say an amazing evening.

Our conversation was very diverse, but my ears pricked up when Taylor said she has done belly dancing. I suggested we hit a club so I could see her wriggle and shake her booty and boobs.

From Nicks we caught a cab to the Cross, there were so many people. There was a line to one of he nigh clubs, Taylor grabber my hand and took me to the front of the queue. She whispered some thing to the door bitch. The security rope was lowered and we went to the entry booth and I dutifully paid the entry fee whist Taylor checked in her bag and coat.

Inside the club the music was pumping and we hit the dance floor immediately. What a sight, this girl can really shake her booty. We danced for about 1/2 hr and at this point I needed a break so I sat down on the speaker and left Taylor on the dance floor.

I began to scan the room and when I looked back at her she was dancing with a stunning brunett in a hot blue skirt, obviously both very good dancers. I decided to go and get a drink as my mind began to wander 'what if'. I decided to take a punt and ordered 3 glasses of champagne which turned out to be a good call as when I returned both of the girls came over and took a glass each.

We chatted for a bit (well shouted as music was loud), I noticed the brunette peering at Taylor's cleavage and she caught me looking at her and gave me a wink and a smile.

The girls returned to the dance floor and started to shake their stuff. I love seeing girls dance provocitavly together. At this point Taylor motions me to join could I refuse?

Taylor whispers to me " I have a surprise for you if you are interested, go and get my coat and bag and meet me out the front".

I do as instructed. It was a freezing night and was was waiting for 10min before Taylor emerged with the brunette in tow! Holly tomatoes!

We took a cab, I got into the front and the girls in the back with in minutes they were kissing. Back to my hotel and that's where the real fun begun.

Taylor instructs me to take a shower. I proceeded to the bathroom and started to wash, I could hear some giggling and then Taylor comes in, already undressed and begins to soap me up. A minuite later the brunett comes in and starts soaping up me and Taylor. I think they both understood that I was excited as we're they, their nipples were erect as the started to kiss and fondle each other while they alternated on me.

After a while we left the shower and went into the bed room and continued our fun both girls enjoying each other and me! 

Given that the girls were into each other, I decided to let them play while I sat back and watched them. The sight of two sexy ladies going down on each other was a delight.

At one point i had to move In as Taylor's golden hair still damp from the shower was in the way of her DATY on the brunett who was enjoying Taylor's oral skills. Once there, and I caught a peek I thought.... Time for me to join in and on comes the raincoat and I take Taylor from behind. She pushes back with surprise but I had no problem entering as she was ready to go.

The brunette had reached her pinnacle and let's us know with a loud scream! Taylor followed shortly after and then both girls threw me on my back focused their attention on me. Taylor rode me cowgirl, while brunette letting me suck on her firm C cup boobs while I watched Taylor's bounce as she pinched my nipples. At this point it didn't take me much longer to join them..!

We all collapsed and had our legs and bodies intertwined. Having a moment to think, I asked the brunett for her name to which she replied 'shhh honey, the mistery is part of the journey '.Who was I to argue, I had a great time.