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As a leg man, I really enjoyed watching her superbly tanned slender legs reach all the way to the floor! ^_^

After lunch, we headed off to get the Twins from Bristol and Ms Roma and Ms Venezia some new lingerie. The smiling staff (They always smile when Charlie brings in a new neice) were temporarily caught off guard as Taylor mentioned that she required brassieres in the E to G sizes! After some initial rummaging through computerised inventories, some very attractive matching sets were hand assisted in the fitting by yours truly. Even Taylor commented that was a new skill for a punter!
After a chai latte and a very long black for Charlie we headed off for the next event. :blush:

Now, this may come as a shock to the Sydney punters, but Taylor is no slouch in the bedroom! OMG, she was awesome in the new lingerie complete with stockings! The first thing Charlie was aware of was that apart from the bottle of Devil's Lair Chardonnay from the Margaret River, Taylor and her willing collegues were in command. The DFK was fantastic. Oxygen depriving, but very, very good!

Taylor's oral skills may be legendary, but until a punter feels his very engorged manhood being sucked, licked, kissed even at the very tip of the glans, you just haven't lived! Charlie got to meet Ms Roma and Ms Venezia cheek to cheek so to speak as we indulged in 69. Wow, DATY with Taylor is really very good. No, its way better than very good! :P

Time was moving along. So, plastics industry fitted, straight into mish then the flip and doggie. There is something about being deep inside Taylor's pussy with both hands clasping the Twins from Bristol that is just breathtaking. ;)

Regrettably, the viticultural industry chose this moment to swing into full effect. So Charlie whipped off the condom and with the aid of mrs palmer, blew over Taylor's preponderous breasts. Marvellous!

Taylor Alexander is a beautiful effectionate young lady. :wub: