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Then, as it was gradually becoming known that my All-Star month was taking place, I started to feel that if I had chosen to spend a birthday celebration with Tay, it hardly seemed proper that I should leave her out of All-Star month! How dare I? So, I made plans to catch up with this young lady in early-March. Unfortunately, I soon found out that I had to play 2nd fiddle to the F1 Grand Prix because Tay loves cars more than men. You could possibly read that both ways – she loves cars more than she loves men, or she loves cars more than men love cars. However, I’m not entirely sure that she actually loves cars more than she loves men, though. Not from what I’ve experienced anyway. However, she’s a dead set petrol head. Fine, so be it, I’ll make way for the GP… small sacrifice to pay for the pleasure of seeing Tay.

We decide that we would have a dinner & play arrangement and so I start making plans. Naturally, I ask Taylor what her preferred cuisine is and not surprisingly, seafood is requested. So, I seek out an appropriate seafood restaurant within proximity of Taylor’s hotel and make the necessary reservations and arrangements.

The day itself
I arrive early at Taylor’s hotel, nervous as all hell. About 10 minutes before our reservation time, text exchanges confirm that Taylor is just about ready and heading down, so I wait in the lobby for her. As the elevator doors open, out walks this vision of loveliness in a purple dress, gold and black heels, her golden locks flowing freely and her famous killer rack accentuated by the entire ensemble. Gulp! Who’d believe this angel was going to dinner with me?

Given her heels, we decided to catch a cab. The cab driver seemed rather annoyed about the short fare, but hey, it was a fare, right? The 5 minute cab ride came to $6.80 and I gave him $10 and said keep it. Just so the bugger wouldn’t go and sook about the 3 or 4 blocks that he had to drive.

As the maitre d greeted us, his sudden muteness when he caught sight of Taylor was enough to validate my thoughts at the time. He was thinking exactly what every guy within sight was thinking – I was the luckiest bastard on earth. And I fucking felt it too! Suffer, fellas, she’s with ME !!! Hah!!! We were promptly seated at our table and we quickly sorted through the huge selection of meals down to an entrée of a dozen fresh oysters followed by the hot and cold seafood platter for 2. The oysters arrived relatively quickly, especially for a busy Saturday night in a busy restaurant. It turns out Tay and I both enjoy oysters in a certain style and we made short work of the entrée. Then the platter arrived and there was practically half the Sydney Fish Market on there! We struggled to get through it all, but we did, and when we were offered a choice of dessert or coffee, we just had to giggle and politely decline.

We decided to walk back to the hotel, given that we’d probably have trouble fitting into a cab, or at the very least require one of those disabled ones with the gas lift up the back to get us on board! We enjoyed the walk back and as we got to Tay’s room, we settled in for a chat as she opened a bottle of bubbly. Allowing us enough time to fully catch up with recent events and for the food to settle, eventually Tay asked me to jump into the shower. Never one to miss this cue, I gleefully hopped into the shower and emerged with Tay wearing one of the novelty t-shirts that I’d had custom-printed for her. They accentuated her ample chest and the wording definitely was the right height and would attract the requisite attention.

We adjourned to the boudoir and started to play. Those of you who have read numerous other reviews on Taylor would already be familiar with her range of abilities and I was spared none of them this time. The DFK, the 69, the DATY, the cowgirl, the RCG, her amazing muscle control, it was all on show. At one point, I felt almost like an out-of-body experience watching myself in this gonzo home movie, only I felt every bit of sensation during the session. How I managed to hold out on losing it sooner is beyond me, but we had more change of positions than the Labour Party has on leadership concerns. Finally, I felt that Taylor really wanted to gain closure of round 1. Well, her undisputed oral skills gave me that idea anyhow, and I eventually relented and let the load go, and go, and go. When Tay eventually surfaced, there was a curious look about her and she asked me how I had that much in store as she said she tried to swallow it all but there was too much and half of it had spilt out onto her chest and down her body, which was a sight to behold by the way. It wasn’t as if I’d been abstaining and being celibate for an extended period of time – she’d read about my constant punts all throughout All-Star month! Claiming ignorance, Taylor called me a “fucking machine”. At which point we both came up with a phrase that she suggested I have as a catchcry or motto – “I’m a fucking machine, and I have references!”

The afterglow was really comforting with us just chatting a little bit more, mainly both of us complaining about the ridiculous restrictions that the various state-based legislations had and why it was preferable to have these sorts of liaisons in Sydney. I was the first to notice the time, and realise that I’d way overstayed my welcome. Taylor was happy to keep going, but I realised that it was unfair for me to take advantage of such a generous lady’s time, especially when I knew she had a busy day the next day. So I jumped in the shower, cleaned myself up, and got dressed. As I bade Taylor goodbye, I was amazed how every time we spend time together it was always over so quickly and I was thankful that our next meeting would at least be an entire overnight session.

The afterthoughts
As I exited her hotel and headed back, bumping into drunks and junkies and all manner of late-night/pre-dawn street riff raff, none of it bothered me. I’d been with Taylor Alexander, Sydney’s answer to Barbie, and All-Star month had just kicked another goal, dunked another basket, scored another try, aced another shot. Yep, I could do this again. I just need to find a way …

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