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One, very Sexy, Seductive and Sensual Lady.

Feeling like giving myself a treat, I browsed through PG and one lady caught my eye. I popped into her web site to get some details and read reviews, shot off an email with a suggested date and time. Well to my surprise, I got a message back the next morning. (Some girls don't even bother replying).

A few sms's bounced back and forth, with dates and times to suit me and then we settled. The day arrives and I leave work early just to freshen up before she arrives. Bang on 6pm the intercom rings... I buzz her in. Boy am I excited!

The first thing I noticed were her Jade green eyes which you can't see in any of the pics (which are good representation of her in real life), after the eyes my eyes went to her boobs....WOOO HOOO. An Aussie version of Pamela Anderson!

She has obviously travelled and studied as she held a decent conversation.. which made me at ease. After a glass or two of Preseco we start to caress each and from there it got better.

I won't elaborate on the details of what went on, but I can say if you read the other reviews on her website you will get an idea. I asked for a PSE experience and that's exactly what I got. She was totaly focused on pleasing me, I think she got off on that!

Taylor is very sensual, seductive and a pleasure to be with in many ways. I will certainly be back for more and maybe even try her with one of her girlfriends.

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