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I was greeted by Taylor in a very nice a-line pink dress. She was well presented and looked very nice. We soon moved through to the bedroom to get jiggy!

The session started off with some good full on kissing that soon lead to exploration of each others' bodies and removal of clothes. Already I could tell and feel that Taylor was getting wet as I explored her sexy body and sucked on those wonderful tittys.

She moved down my body to start some oral work on my cock. Her oral technique was really very good with different speeds, tonguing of the head and some good ball licking. I was impressed!

I suggested that she swing a leg round so we could 69. Her pussy was sweet and wet and I explored with my tongue and some probing fingers. I couldn't give it my best though as her cock sucking technique was now that good that she had me on the edge a few times and I had to stop pussy licking just to get control of the nice feelings emanating from my knob. 69'ing lasted for about 10 mins or so and then my hard cock was ready for some lovin'!

Sex started in missionary that was very intimate with lots of kissing and caressing as I pounded away. We swapped positions so that she was on top in cowgirl when again she showed good technique at cock riding. Towards the end I pulled her forward and did some work underneath after having been last for the most part of the cowgirl experience.

We then moved into doggy where we worked up a nice rhythm. Another sign of her wonderful technique was her thrusting back, to increase the pleasure and penetration but not so much as to knock the rhythm of kilter. And so the first climax of the session arrived with me shooting into the rubber in doggy.

We took a break for 5 mins and chatted about the sex scene while my little man got ready for round two.

Session two was much the same. We started with kissing and cuddling, quickly moving onto some good cock sucking to get everything going again before moving onto the sex. Sex itself was in missionary and Doggy only this time which was good. Time was moving on and the hour was fast approaching and so I decided I'd like to finish with COB.

On my knees Taylor worked hard and brought me near to climax. We swapped positions so she was laid down in frot of me and I was up on me knees. I finished by shooting my load all over those wonderful tits. The sight of my spunk on her tittys was amazing and when she smeared it all over her sexy body made me think I should have booked her for longer, I think I could re-charge in time for another session. Definitely next time!!!

We tidied up, got dressed and left the room. We had run about 15 minutes over time so there hadn't been any rush either. All in all a good session with Taylor who's sexual skills are amazing and a great at conversation.

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