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Well I must say up front, that despite having seen Taylor quite a number of times over the last 3 years, she never ceases to amaze me with her attitude and forthright approach to a booking. Firstly, she would be one of the easiest ladies to arrange a booking with, texts, emails, you name it and she’s right on the ball.. Actually this booking was made one evening recently in general chat, it was that easy, (and much to the surprise of some punters who were present at the time, lol).

As we had shared some memorable experiences in the past, including a couple of noticeable double bookings, we decided to just have a lazy and laid back “easy” booking, dinner, some playtime and a generally relaxed evening…(Well that was the plan anyhow!!)

Fast forward to the day, and I’ve arranged a couple of special little surprises for Tay without her knowing. Into the hotel she walks and silence fell. Even the ladies in the lobby stopped talking to look at her, and why wouldn’t they have? Long tanned legs striding across the lobby toward me, from under a short figure hugging black dress. The “twins” on simply majestic display without being vulgar, and her golden hair cascading down across her shoulders. She smiled a beam of happiness toward me, wrapped her arms around me and simply said “Hi sexy, up for a bit of fun then are you?”

Yep, you got it, wobbly legs, but after a brief moment to compose myself, it was off to the lift, but my mind was racing at a million miles an hour. Tay had actually arrived on time, and so we had a 20 minute timeframe to fill in before dinner, should I take her to our suite? NO-my mind screamed, you’ll end up fucking her and never get to dinner, I was very briefly faced with a dilemma of huge proportions (and Little Mate was doing the same-getting huge that is lol). Ok, by this time we are in the lift and I suddenly remember that the Club Lounge is open and serving drinks, so press the floor key (silently saying to myself-stupid-stupid). And a little time to have a drink, say hi and catch up on each other’s happenings, which is exactly what we did for the next half hour or so.

Dinner was a very enjoyable time, and if I recall correctly we dined on oysters, she had lamb, I had beef, and we both enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine which complimented everything very well. But we elected to have “sweets-of our kind”, back in the room afterwards. Somehow time with Tay over dinner just seems to fly and when I looked at my watch, as we were enjoying our coffee, it was very closely nearing that time when LM needed to become involved in the evening’s activities. I must say that Tay’s hand under the tablecloth resting lightly on my leg also spurned me on a little, lol

Ok, so it’s back to our suite and as we enter Tay throws her jacket on the lounge and heads for the bedroom. “Brok-her, you’re a sneaky kind of guy, when did you have the champagne delivered”? She had noticed it sitting in the middle of the table in the lounge room. Then as she entered the bedroom, she glanced at the bed, and let out a little cry of, “OMG did you do this too?”


She wrapped her arms around my neck, held me very tight, and I’m almost certain she was close to shedding a small tear, “Nobody has ever given me flowers in that way before” she whispered in my ear, “I’m going to reward you in a way tonight that you’ll never forget” she laughed. Oh fuck, what have I done I thought, as she took me by the hand and led me into the lounge. “Sit down there Brok-her and pour me a drink while I go to the bathroom” she said.

Well it wasn’t long and she was back, lifting her dress and straddling my lap, kissing my neck, my ears, my face and her tongue was exploring the inner sanctum of my mouth. My hands by now were caressing that fantastic butt of hers, pulling her down tighter on LM who by now was almost screaming to be let free. The “twins” were also getting plenty of attention, from my hands and mouth, and so in a flash, the dress disappeared over her head, and in nothing but a tiny g string and a bra about to be discarded, she began to unbutton my shirt, whilst I, single handily removed her bra and let the twins flow into full view.

When she had completely unbuttoned my shirt, still kissing me, she started unbuttoning my trouser belt, and allowed LM complete freedom... He he, I think he felt so relieved to be free he almost saluted Tay with a wave of his head, lol. Anyhow as you would expect, she took a firm grip on him, and by this time had slipped to her knees in front of me, never once taking her eyes off LM.  And yep, it began, that BBBJ special of Tay’s I have never forgotten in all of our times together. A technique only she has been able to demonstrate and it really begs definition, but the word “perfect” slips into mind. Well I simply lay my head back on the lounge and let her have her way, as only she knows how until I could feel stirrings that suggested I should change tactics or suffer and early evening finish..

Reluctantly I raised her head suggesting we should make our way to the bedroom, and with a laugh she exclaimed, “come on  then Brok-her, let’s see what a mess we can make, smother me with flowers firstly though before you fuck me”


And so we played in the “Rose Garden” for a while before getting serious, he he he.

What can I say next that you can’t already guess? Hmmm, oh yes, Tay lying on her back, legs spread wide as I gaze longingly at her sweet moist pussy lips before lowering my mouth and gently licking and teasing her to her first orgasm, her cries muffled in my ears as her legs wrap themselves tightly around my head. Or maybe Tay turning me onto my back and delivering another fantastic BBBJ until I actually get to the point of no return and let go.

Or should I mention Tay riding me cowgirl afterwards and instilling into LM a sense of urgency about the need to attempt a second round, and which thankfully, much to her credit and superb riding skills (of fucking me senseless) and bringing out sweat on both of us, I was over the line but once again….yay twice in a booking, this girl’s good.!!!!!!

By this time LM was having so much fun, he just wanted to be like the Energiser Bunny and keep going, so with Tay’s hands bound and positioned above her heads, some really strong missionary was entered into (figuratively speaking), lol and boy oh boy, was it ever good. Somehow I felt as if this night wouldn’t be complete without a good attempt at doggy, so with Tay on her hands and knees, and that glorious arse pushing back onto LM, we began a doggy session as if it was going out of fashion, and between watching her head swing from side to side as she moaned loudly “don’t stop, fuck me harder” and seeing her white knuckles as she gripped the sheets and pillow as I kept pounding her, I knew if LM could last this long, then there was a strong chance that a 3rd “cumming” just might occur. We kept at it for what seemed ages, LM trying to build up a 3rd shot, and Taylor obviously thoroughly enjoying my efforts at keeping a good thing happening. It seemed to happen all of a sudden, no lead up tell-tale stirring, it was over and done with before I could tell her it was happening. I could do nothing but grip her hips tightly and collapse against her back. “Yay, I broke my PB with you Brok-her, 3 times in one night, I believe I kept my promise and rewarded you as I said I would?”

Yes young lady you certainly did, and it was a fantastic night, certainly one that deserved a review this time, although you really don’t need any, but this one was special. And to prove a point of her destructive powers, get a load of this,


All I can say is simply, it was too long between “drinks” and we need to get our bookings into the double digits before much longer. Tay, thank you for a fun, honest and terribly hot steamy time together, let’s make a date for a return bout soon. And a special thank you for being so generous with yourself and your time.